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EarthBlends Advantage Soil

The Product: Versatile and Effective

EarthBlends Advantage is marketed by Earth Blends Inc, under the management of WeCare Organics LLC, headquartered in Jordan, New York. Rich in lime and organic matter, EarthBlends Advantage™ is an ideal alternative to chemical fertilizers.

In addition, EarthBlends Advantage is perfectly suited for turf maintenance & construction, blending with compost/topsoil for landscape projects and as a top dressing for land/mine reclamation and daily landfill cover.

EarthBlends Advantage SoilT

The Process:  Simple and Safe

  1. During the EarthBlends Process, biosolids from the treatment plant are first dewatered.
  2. From there, the dewatered biosolids are mixed with the EarthBlends alkaline admixture.
  3. Calcium oxide in the admixture reacts with water remaining in the biosolids creating a heat pulse that raises the temperature to 52°C to 62°C or above for 12 hours.  The admixture also raises the pH to 12 or greater for a period of 72 hours.
  4. While still hot, the material is then spread into windrows and turned every day to facilitate drying and aeration.  Within three days, solids levels exceed 50% and pathogen kill (100%) is complete, yielding a soil like product that meets the highest quality and disinfection standards of the Federal EPA and the New York State DEC.
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