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As the premier supplier of recyclable organic residuals in northeastern US, WeCare Organics manufactures and markets a variety of soil amendments to the public and private sectors, for a wide range of horticultural and agricultural applications:

Turf enhancing products

Turf enhancing soil products for golf courses, parks and athletic fields (WeCare Compost™, WeCare Topsoil™)

Soil Amendments

Soil amendments, liming and fertilizer products for the agricultural community

Compost, Topsoil, Root-zone blends, Roof-top blends, and Landscape backfill mixes

Compost, Topsoil, Root-zone blends, Roof-top blends, and Landscape backfill mixes (WeCare Compost™, WeCare Topsoil™, WeCare RoofMix™)

Topsoil Topsoil for use in landfill closures
WeCare CompostT

WeCare Compost™
Comprised of nutrient rich wastewater biosolids, yard trimmings and other organic recyclables, WeCare Compost™ increases soil porosity, improves water retention and infiltration, and enhances the root structures of growing plants.

WeCare TopsoilT & Mulches

WeCare Topsoil™ & Mulches
Black, Red and Pine, our mulch is 100% Bark Mulch.  Topsoil is pH adjusted, nutrient rich and screened; available for pick-up or delivery in small quantities or in bulk at the WeCare Landscape Supply Center in Jordan, NY., at Cape Resources Inc., in Marsons Mills, MA., or at Old Oak Landscape Supply, Pembroke, MA.

Culinary Quad WeCare Roofmix™
With its slow release of micro and macronutrients, WeCare Roofmix™ is a lightweight soil media perfectly suited for rooftop gardens and is comprised of 10-25% (by volume) WeCare CompostT blended with lightweight aggregate and coarse sand.

WeCare Organics is also the leading supplier of specialty landscape supply products including:
Custom Soil Blends Whether you're looking for a special roof-top mix of shale, sand, topsoil, and compost or a root-zone mixture with a high pH, we can meet a variety of special needs.

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