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What is compost?

Compost is the product resulting from the controlled biological decomposition of organic material, which is sanitized through the generation of heat, and stabilized to the point at which it is beneficial to plant growth. WeCare Compost™ is comprised of nutrient-rich wastewater biosolids, yard trimmings and other organic recyclables. WeCare Compost

What are the benefits?

  • Weed free!
  • Improves soil structure, porosity and density, creating a better plant root environment
  • Increases infiltration and permeability of heavy soils, reducing erosion and runoff
  • Improves water holding capacity, reducing water loss and leaching in sandy soils
  • Supplies a variety of slow-release macro and micronutrients
  • May control or suppress certain soil-borne plant pathogens
  • Supplies significant quantities of organic matter
  • Improves cation exchange capacity (CEC), improving ability to retain nutrients
  • Supplies beneficial microorganisms to soils
  • Improves and stabilizes soil pH
  • Can bind and degrade specific pollutants

WeCare Organics produces the finest quality biosolids-based compost available today in strict accordance with all state and federal regulations.That's technology.  And we deliver on our trucks, as well as on our promises. That's tradition.

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